Capri is a promising name in the world of oud and Oriental Perfumes … we started accelerating our pace to produce perfumes and derivatives with high quality and accurate specification supports us in an integrated team of experts and technicians who specialize in this area was the high efficiency of the owners of the oud Babgah beautiful and jasmine Bnfhath and daffodils Bashmah and tulips Berejeh is what distinguishes the different our brands, and because our company has become a major focus in the world of oud and perfumes and because we are in the east of the community is characterized by high Bdhugah we were in time to meet the needs of those taste a new concept not Espguena him one and we take into account along with the precise criteria in quality and production in order to give all of us in the satisfaction of our valued customers and suitable affordable price Vmzjna Bosalth ancient and modern Pfkhamth even appear in our products perfectly Broaúhaa and unique design and high quality filled the valued customers deserve….